romance in the way we dance

the decemberists are so hit or miss for me. when i love them, i really love them, but when i don’t, they just bore me to death. i only really care for picaresque and hazards of love as whole albums. with the rest, i only appreciate certain tracks. i’m listening to her majesty right now for the first time in forever and just finding it SO DULL for the most part.

"the bachelor and the bride" is a true jam though, so at least it’s got that going for it.

Cocteau Twins

—Cherry-Coloured Funk


Should I be sung and unbroken by not saying
Still being cried and laughed at from behind me

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Every time you wish the sky was something happening to your heart, you lose twice.

Olena Kalytiak Davis, from “A Few Words For The Visitor In The Parlor,” in And Her Soul Out of Nothing (University of Wisconsin Press, 1997)

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“I love that she’s unapologetically badass. There’s no back-story trying to explain something horrible that happened to her that explains who she is. No, that’s just who she is. She just is this person; no explanation needed. Just like men—when a male character comes on screen and is a badass, you just accept it. And I’m hoping that’s what fans do with Rosa. She is who she is and she just doesn’t give a shit.”- Stephanie Beatriz on her character, Rosa Diaz, in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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